Welcome to O.A. Corporation

O.A. Corporation has been operating in the ZLC of the Colon Free Zone since1996.

Since 1996, O.A. Corporation has been a cornerstone in the Colon Free Zone (ZLC), offering exceptional logistics solutions and high-quality products. Our story traces back to our humble beginnings, importing the iconic Carlsberg beer for the region. The ZLC provides us with a favorable economic environment and top-notch logistics, which have been instrumental in our success.

Over the years, we have diversified and expanded our reach. Initially, we imported cigarette brands from Sampoerna such as RAVE and XTRA, and in a short period, we introduced these brands with great success in Bolivia and Colombia. Since then, we have forged strategic partnerships with prominent companies like Altadis, Scandinavian Tobacco, Swisser, Swedish Match, Villiger, Von Eicken, among others.

At O.A. Corporation, we take pride in our track record of excellence and our commitment to quality. We continue to provide exceptional products and services to our customers across the region. Join us on our journey and discover how we can grow your business!


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